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Fast Food

collections_fastfoodicon_fastfood Fast Food

Fast, tasty and pocket friendly

Taco Tuesday

collections_tacotuesdaysicon_tacotuesdayTaco Tuesday

The best tacos in Town

Home Made

collections_homemadeicon_homemadeHome Made

Classic dishes from Latin America

Cafe & Bakery

collections_cafebakeryicon_cafebakeryCafe & Bakery

Let’s start with dessert

Vegan Options

collections_veganoptionsicon_veganoptionsVegan Options

Taste vegan friendly menus

Must Try

collections_musttry icon_musttryMust Try

You can't miss the opportunity to visit these places

Latin Fusion

collections_latinfusionicon_latinfusionLatin Fusion

A little bit of everything in one place



Meat lovers



The classics with a modern touch

AviancaLiuna Local 183Carranza LLPFilici - Palacio
UNHCRCuso InternationalInca Gold Organics

Featured Restaurants

List of most interesting restaurants as voted for by visitors.
Check whats going on in the city now
El Rancherito
Playa Cabana MP
0 / 5
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Esquina Salvadoreña
El Taquito
Cantina MP
0 / 5
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Milagro Restaurante Mexicano y Cantina 2
0 / 5
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El Gordo Fine Foods
0 / 5
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Restaurante Koricancha



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