The Hispanic Canadian Heritage Council (HCHC) is an umbrella organization constituted in 2008 by key institutions from the Hispanic-Latino community of Toronto with a long and proven history of working with the community since 1973. The HCHC is a non-profit organization established with the purpose of highlighting and promoting the contributions of Hispanic culture to the evolving fabric of Canadian Heritage.

One of the main activities of the HCHC is the October celebration of the Hispanic-Latin American Heritage Month each year, as it has been declared by the Toronto City Council and by the Ontario Legislature.

The main objective of this initiative is to build community capacity (nation building) while creating a practical approach to the economic and social development among the Latino-Hispanic communities in Toronto. Our strategy is to promote pride and resilience through educational campaigning, by the means of active community engagement towards the consolidation of identity themes, culture and heritage. On the financial side we work to establish conditions for community-based integrated business development and employment creation, on the basis of a sustainable initiative approach focused on collective prosperity.

Latin Food Experience:
Taste of the Toronto Latin food


The Hispanic Canadian Heritage Council is working with the Latin American and Spanish restaurants in Toronto to showcase the Latin American and Spanish cuisine in the GTA. For this purpose, the HCHC is developing a web site and a Smartphone App called latincuisine.ca.

In the website and app you will find featured Hispanic-Latino restaurants, their menus, offers, live music shows, art exhibitions and much more; in short, the true Hispanic-Latino dining, artistic and night life experience right here in the Greater Toronto Area.

With this initiative we’ll be stimulating social and economic development within the Hispanic-Latino community through the restaurant business. Also, while promoting the diversity and varied origins of the Latin Hispanic cuisine and arts featured in the restaurants, we’ll contribute to the creation of employment and economic growth in the Hispanic community by boosting the growth and consolidation of the Hispanic-Latino cuisine’s market share within the city’s food sector.

We believe the Latin Food Experience is much more than just a food festival, it is an economic strategy connected to the food economy of the city as a whole. It is an enterprise that opens possibilities for local business owners, who can take advantage of a miryad of opportunities such as the business brought by visitors from countries like the United States, a place with more than 40 million Spanish speakers and potential consumers of our local Latin cuisine choices.

As a true legacy off this project we propose to hone the offer, service, preparation and strategy capacities of our local food industry businesses regardless of their size and type.

If you want to find out more about the HCHC projects you can access our website: