Win new customers within the Canadian marketplace and find out how effective your investment is.

How can you advertise in latincuisine.ca?


Advertising banners:

It allows customers to quickly find out about your business through custom banners on the web and mobile site.

Increased visibility in thematic listings:

Appear with greater impact in thematic listings where your restaurant is already included.

Why advertise in Latincuisine.ca?

We are the first website and app dedicated to socially promote the development of the Latin American Hispanic market. We are totally focused on making our entrepreneurs grow and gain strength generating more employment opportunities and a more sustainable economy for the community.

We bring the benefits of our 360 marketing strategy directly to those businesses that are part of our latincuisine.ca network, making them increasingly visible through our advertising in:

– Open the door for new customers to discover you
– Improve your ability to be discovered
– Considerably increase your sales.


Targeted Hyperlocal Advertising

Customers that see you are directly those closest to your location or that match very specific search criteria in your area.

Performance record

You can track your campaign through the statistics generated by the system.
Doing it simply by logging in with your password from your computer.